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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery is an operation to give the eyes a more youthful, less tired and fresher appearance.  Patients that want this surgery complain that they look tired all the time, or that their makeup does not hold up well, due to the excess folds of skin, or that they have an obstruction of their vision.  Excess, wrinkled skin causing heaviness of the eyes can be inherited or due to aging.  The bags of the eyelid are due to protusion of fat around the eyes.  The operation involves removing excess skin and excess fat in the bags of the eyes.  Eyelid surgery can involve the upper eyelids alone, lower eyelids alone or both together.

Upper eyelid surgery alone can be done under local anaesthetic.  There is a natural fold in the upper eyelid, that cannot be seen when the eyes are open.  The excess skin of the upper eyelids is removed and the incision falls in this natural fold, so that the scar is nearly invisible.  Sometimes there are pockets of fat in the eyelids near the nose.  This is also removed.  The stitches are dissolving and do not need to be removed.

Lower eyelid surgery requires twilight anaesthesia.  That is, an anaesthesia doctor will put you to sleep, but you are breathing on your own without a tube in your throat.  You will have no pain during your surgery and no recollection of your surgery.  The incision for this surgery is right under the eyelashes, so that it difficult to see the final scar.  Excess fat and skin are removed and dissolving stitches are used to close the incision.

Below are some before and after photos for comparison.