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Facelift and Necklift

This operation is a surgical operation to help rejuvenate the face and neck. The fat under the neck is removed. The skin of the neck and jawline are tightened. The marionette lines, the nasolabial folds and jowls are reduced. Marrionette lines are the lines from the corners of the mouth to the jawline.  The nasolabial folds are the lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth. This operation does not change the eyelids or the fine lines around the mouth.

The incisions for a facelift operation are well hidden. They start in the hairline at the temple, then proceeds down the natural skin crease in front of the ear and earlobe. In some cases, the incision is continued behind the ear and into the hairline of the scalp. The skin of the cheek and neck are then lifted. The underlying tissues are lifted back to a more youthful position and the skin is redraped. Excess skin is removed.

Below are some before and after photos for comparison.